The Innovation Accelerator (iAccelerator) is a mentorship driven acceleration programme, supporting young entrepreneurs with seed funding, training and skills development to generate innovative solutions in response to challenges related to sexual and reproductive health, sexuality education, family planning, maternal health, mental health and other population development issues.

Implemented by Imbuto Foundation in partnership with MYCULTURE, UNFPA and KOICA, iAccelerator is an initiative and model initially launched in December 2016, aiming at exploring new and engaging ways to tackle pressing population challenges in the region while promoting social entrepreneurship among young people.

The iAccelerator seeks to generate innovative, youth-led solutions for youth in Rwanda, to have increased utilization of health services and adopt healthy and safe attitudes and behaviours.

Learn about our phase III top 4 Innovators

Urujeni Project

Is a project with objectives to engage with every generation from discussions with parents to vocational trainings with young girls about ASRH related matters.

Menya Wirinde

Is a project that will use Youtube and other media to engage young people on information pertaining to sexual & reproductive health.

Ubumuntu Organization

Is an advocating organization aiming at the holistic, mental, spiritual, fiancial and social empowerment of women, particularly teen mothers.

Mizero Care Organization

Seeks to facilitate access to mental health information and services through psychotherapy sessions and the encouragement of communal and friendly support.