Learn about our phase III top 4 Innovators

Urujeni Project

Is a project with objectives to engage with every generation from discussions with parents to vocational trainings with young girls about ASRH related matters.

Menya Wirinde

Is a project that will use Youtube and other media to engage young people on information pertaining to sexual & reproductive health.

Ubumuntu Organization

Is an advocating organization aiming at the holistic, mental, spiritual, fiancial and social empowerment of women, particularly teen mothers.

Mizero Care Organization

Seeks to facilitate access to mental health information and services through psychotherapy sessions and the encouragement of communal and friendly support.

Learn about our phase II top 3 Innovators

Flavors of Family Planning

'Flavors of Family Planning', a TV kitchen show, showcasing male engagement in family planning, using kitchen items for simulation.

Urukundo Initiative

An interactive game called 'Urukundo' and an information pack consisting of a booklet and a game toolkit with adolescent sexual reproductive health messages.

Keza Game

An edutainment game application that encourages positive attitudes and behaviour towards adolescent sexual reproductive health, using a character named 'Keza'.

Learn about our phase I top 4 Innovators

Tubiganire Tv Show

TUBIGANIRE TV SHOW is a TV show that aims at stimulating Rwandan parents to have open/genuine sexual reproductive health-related conversations with their children in their homes.

The whole point of this show is to help our Rwandan society get over “the sexual talk taboo” that has always been the root cause for most of the issues Rwandan teenagers face.

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Team Umbrella

Umbrella is a digital platform that will empower and educate young girls and women to make informed and smart decisions about their sexual reproductive health.

This platform will be available through USSD and mobile application. Its main features will be a menstrual cycle tracking system and a pregnancy mode.

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Tantine App

Literally means ‘little aunties’, is a set of platforms designed by two medical students of the University of Rwanda. Culturally reproductive health education was assumed by Aunties.

With the current family relationships and busy families, no one is now suitable and available to mentor teens on reproductive health.

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Girl District Team

The conversation and accessibility of information around Sex Education in Rwanda is still very weak. Girl District dedicates itself to instructing young women and men around the topics of Sexual Education using comic books written by Girls and For Girls, A mentorship center as well as community training.

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