Learn about our phase III top 10 Innovators

Ubumuntu Organization

Is an advocating organization aiming at the holistic, mental, spiritual, fiancial and social empowerment of women, particularly teen mothers.

Mizero Care Organization

Seeks to facilitate access to mental health information and services through psychotherapy sessions and the encouragement of communal and friendly support.

Menya Wirinde

Is a project that will use Youtube and other media to engage young people on information pertaining to sexual & reproductive health.

Urujeni Project

Is a project with objectives to engage with every generation from discussions with parents to vocational trainings with young girls about ASRH related matters.

Pollination Project

Main goal is to being forth SRHR services and information to people living with disabilities through an online app, and an USSD code, freely accessible.

Mental health awareness magazines & podcasts

Seeks to create educational magazines and podcasts that will empower the general public with information about mental health.

Kundwa typing application and booklet

Is a computer application designed to avail educative, evidence based ASRH information to all adolescents especially those with disabilties, in a friendly manner.

Intambwe control center

Has a goal to avail ASRH information and services to persons living with disabilities and provides SRH tool kits in sign language and animations and words used by persons with visual loss.

E-mental care

Is an internet-based platform initiated to reduce mental health issues, by solving difficulties in accessing mental health services and preventing stigma.

ASRH Cartoons

Is an innovation focused on providing ASRH information to all youths including youth living with disabilities, through the production of cartoons.