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Imali Agribusiness Challenge!

Welcome to Imbuto Foundation’s Imali Agribusiness Challenge, which aims to empower and scale up youth entrepreneurship in the agriculture sector for sustainable national development.

Imbuto Foundation

Established by H.E the First Lady Mrs. Jeannette Kagame in 2001, Imbuto Foundation has been implementing a holistic approach to uplift the most vulnerable communities through education, health, and empowerment programmes for women and youth.

Over the past years, the Imbuto Foundation has supported 2081 Youth and women in agriculture with the goal of improving the living standards of disadvantaged groups, particularly youth and female-headed households, by training them in income-generating activities, particularly tomato intensification and marketing.

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This year's challenges

The unemployment rate currently stands at about 21% among youth, and almost 50% of the youth (16-30 years) working exclusively in agriculture today. Many young, working cultivators are under-employed due to smaller farm sizes, the seasonality of labour demands, floods, drought and limited access to funding, (YTR 201/17).

Additionally, despite growth in agricultural production over the past years, food security and nutrition remain a concern. Consequently, 33 % of the children under the age of 5 are stunted (RDHS 2019/2020).

This year's Responses

The government bears a bold vision and commitment to creating 1,500,000 decent and productive jobs for economic development through supporting priority sub-sectors with high potential for growth and employment, including the agriculture value chain(NST1).

Thus, in a bid to contribute to equitable and sustained national development through productive and engaged youth and women (Imbuto Foundation Strategic Plan 2018-2024), we are introducing the “Imali Agribusiness challenge” project.


Application Requirements:

This Challenge is open to applicants aged 18-35, and is open for the period of one month from the 21st of March 2023 to the 22nd of April.

Applicants must have a Rwandan nationality or, be planning to implement the project in Rwanda.

The top 15 Projects to be awarded will need to have tackled various agriculture areas, i.e., high value crop for agribusiness, nutrition sensitive agriculture, agriculture research, post-harvest, value addition and climate resilient smart agriculture, urban agriculture and agriculture digital platforms.

The top 15 winning projects will be awarded a respective grant of RWF 10,000,000 each
1st Winner

25 Million

2nd Winner

15 Million

3rd Winner

10 Million

4th position: 2 Winners

5 Million each


21st March
Online Launch
21st March - 22nd April
Application Period
24th - 28th April
Selection of Top 50 projects
4th May
Pitching and selection of Top 30 projects
5th – 10th May
Bootcamp for the Top 30 finalists
11th May
Final Pitching and Awarding Ceremony for the Top 15 projects
May – October
Coaching and Mentorship


How to Apply

Join us in empowering young farmers and promoting sustainable agriculture in Rwanda through the Imali Agribusiness challenge.


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Thank you for your interest in the Imali Agribusiness Challenge. To make the process easier for you.

Murakoze gusura urubuga rw’irushanwa rya Imali Agribusiness Challenge.